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Welcome... VomAlmere.com

Vom Almere kennel located in Gunung Putri, a beautiful relaxing place and excellent environment for breeding and training, only thirty minutes away from busy Jakarta with easy toll access.

We built our kennel on a plot of land that we own in Gunung Puteri. Our training field has a size that meets the international requirement for IPO / Schutzhund trials. As a matter of fact, we could execute tracking, obedience, and protection exercises in the same field. In addition to our superb field, our facility also has indoor kennels equipped with ac to provide clean and healthy environment for breeding. Due to the increasing demand, we are currently expanding our facility so that we could accommodate hundreds of dogs of our own, members, and clients. Yet, we still can have all cars parked inside our premises which may increase your vehicle security.

Our breeding foundation originated from the world class working lines with the highest quality of working ability, health, temperament, and conformation. It is indeed the reflection of our deep belief to produce the best working dogs, particularly german shepherd dog (gsd), and to train them professionally.

Not every german shepherd dog is breedable. You can not just take two (2) dogs and start breeding with them. Your probability to get puppies with many problems in temperament, health, or working ability will be high.
Instead, you should first inquire certification or titles, such as: hip certification, working title, show rating, or police service dog title prior to the breeding. It is just to name one of so many factors influencing your breeding quality.

Breeding high quality gsd is financially consuming effort and time consuming. Nevertheless, "Quality German Shepherd dog is Priceless." With over 26 years of experience in training and breeding, I personally have produced WUSV competitors, Police K-9's, Schutzhund, and Personal Protection dogs. So, this is the right place if you are looking for high quality german shepherd dog puppy, young, and adult.

Special note: I would like to thank Mr. Rudy Romang for his hard work in designing the kennel and training field, Mr. Erwin Pradika for his suggestions and public relation, and Mr. Ronald Ricardo for his website design. I also appreciate very much Family Lie-Holland for their time to help us import high quality dogs. Last but not the least, my family for their support. Without each one of them, I would never be able to accomplish my goal to have this kennel and training facility in Indonesia. Thank you so much for your support from the bottom of my heart.

Max von Stephanitz words: "Keep my German Shepherd Dog a Working Dog because I have worked all my life to achieve that goal..."

In a nutshell, vom Almere is committed to excellent breeding and training.