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About Us

My name is H. Lim. Originating from a hobby, I started to train dogs in California, USA, in 1985. Then, in 1996 I became a training director of LA working dog club in California, as a trainer and test helper.

I have participated in various Schutzhund competitions, such as: North America National Championship participant with my female dog Shaka-Zulu SchH3, Canadian National Championship participant in 1996 with my male dog Narro Akbar schH3, and Regional championship in California with my male dog; Pike VH Bornheim sch3 for several times. All dogs are HOT (Handler owner Trained)

Another dog of mine was Canto sch3, the champion on the weekend of trial under Sv Judge Mr. Reihard Lindler and highest tracking score under Belgian judge Mr. Vic Willem (highest tracking in 1999, highest obedience of 95 in 1997 and highest protection).

As for my breeding program, I started in 1990 with kennel name "vom Almere Shepherds" by importing top stud and high quality females while continued to train german shepherd dogs.

My breeding has been using the standard according to regulations set by the SV (an international institution for German Shepherd Dog). The result of my breeding dogs achieved degrees in WUSV competition as much as six (6) times (1 with grade 7 in Finland) and have produced a lot of dogs with title schH3 and schH1. Endi v. Tiekerhook Vh3, IPO3, Blick Egidius zvv3, and Ufo Van the guyhof IPO3 just to name a few of my past dogs used for my breeding program.

Besides dog sports, some of my breeding dogs were widely used in the Police Department in Michigan and Florida, United States, as well as Police Department in Mexico, Sonora county.

Having had so much international experience in dog trials and competitions for quite a long time, I sincerely consider now is the time to share all my experience, knowledge, skills, and techniques to the younger generation. I deeply believe that I could offer valuable insight and resources to promote dog sports in Indonesia to a higher level. As a starting point, I became a helper for the Sieger show in Bandung IGSC in 1996.

Finally, in 2010 I decided to return to Indonesia and build an Indonesian Working German Shepherd Club so that all of working dog lovers can learn and exchange their experience as well as promote the dog sports in Indonesia.