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Club Info

We welcome everyone who wants to join our club whose members come from different background. The level of their exposures and experiences with dogs are different. Yet, they have the same desire that is to gain more confidence and eventually an expert to train their own dogs or to become helpers (decoy).

Our club is an excellent place to learn and master dog training from the modest one such as obedience to more difficult ones like IPO and schutzhund programs. It does not matter how good you could handle your dogs now, there is always room for improvement.

You are neither too old nor too young to learn. Be all that you can be! Come and join us, we will learn and share our experiences to grow together. You will be assisted by well trained helpers.

 You and your dog will form and build a strong teamwork. Our club provides the rest. We own a field and other sport equipments based on IPO and Schutzhund rules / standards.